1. Services

We provide our clients with an online access to send us the requested information safely. We have developed an online portal to exchange the information and files securely. All you have to do is log on to our website using the given client id and password and upload the information for us. We use Cloud based accounting software/programs for our clients. Cloud accounting not only speeds up the communications for our client but also saves time with automation and allows our staff to work from home. We have vast experience of using Sage line 50, Quickbooks and many other accounting and book keeping programs for our clients.

Services we provide

We provide the following professional services to individuals, partnerships, companies and UK trusts.


  • Statutory annual accounts preparation and submission to relevant authorities
    1. We will request you to provide us the information required to prepare your or your company’s accounts well in advance so that you have sufficient time to provide the information and review the accounts.
    2. We are happy to arrange a meeting if required to collect all the information from you.
    3. Once we receive the information we require, your Business Accounts will be ready within a month’s time.
    4. Our Accountants will make an appointment to discuss your Accounts.
    5. We will then finalise your accounts and will prepare your / your company’s tax return to be filed online by us with both Companies House & HM Revenue & Customs as statutorily required.
  • Proactive tax planning advice
    1. It’s always better to be proactive when it comes to your tax affairs. We will advise you how much you should withdraw as salary and/or dividends from your company in tax efficient and timely manner. This not only saves tax but also avoids becoming too late for it.
  • Free advice at initial meeting
    1. We will provide you free advice about your business and tax affairs at our initial meeting which will help us and you to construct an effective tax plan.


  • Bookkeeping service
    1. We will maintain the books of your business and will keep them updated on daily basis. We will give you live access to the book keeping software such as Quickbooks and Sage which will then give you instant picture of your business as and when you need. You will always remain updated with the details of outstanding purchase invoices you owe to your suppliers and the outstanding sales invoices owed by customers to you.
  • Providing bookkeeping support to clients
    1. If you wish to maintain your book keeping in-house, we are happy to provide you our full support in maintaining your books on accounting programs such as Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, MS Excel etc
    2. We will also provide our services in Installation of, training on and configuration of accounting software at your premises.

Management Accounts

  • Monthly or quarterly management accounts
    1. In any business, regular management reports allow the user to monitor the cash flow, observe trends and seek additional capital (if required) in timely manner. Management accounts may assist you to make important management decisions and meeting your contractual obligations of providing management accounts to third parties on a regular basis.
    2. Management accounts can be produced monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or any other period that is relevant to you.
    3. We will prepare Management Accounts which includes profit and loss and balance sheet. It can also include budgetary forecasts and projected accounts for the forthcoming years as well as cash flow statements to help you prepare for the cash requirements of the business.


  • Payroll bureau services (including Auto Enrolment pension deductions) and CIS(Construction Industry Scheme) returns
    1. We will request you to provide us the payroll information such as time sheets for your staff in order for us to process the payroll and submit the Real Time Information to HMRC in timely manner.
    2. We prepare the monthly BACS report for your bank if required.
    3. We will process your Work Place Pension Scheme as it is now a mandatory requirement for all the UK employers.
    4. We will email the payslips as a password protected pdf file to each employees with their unique password.
    5. Payroll work includes issuing P45 (Employee leaving job), P46 (End of year summary) etc.
    6. We prepare P11D (Benefit in kind for employees) and submit them to HMRC within the statutory deadline.

Self Assessment & Tax Returns

  • Personal and business tax returns completion and tax compliance work
    1. We will request you to provide necessary information in advance so that you have sufficient time to collate the required information.
    2. We will prepare your personal tax return for the relevant tax year and submit it to HMRC before its deadline to avoid unnecessary interest charges, fines and penalties.
    3. We will advice you if further tax planning is required to reduce tax and achieve tax efficiency.
    4. We will prepare your company’s tax returns as soon as the accounts are finalised, rather than waiting to reach its filing deadline.

Tax Investigation

  • Deal with HMRC’s enquiries in relation to clients’ tax affairs
    1. We have vast experience of dealing successfully with HMRC on their enquiries in various areas of accounting and taxation. Therefore when we prepare your accounts and/or tax returns, we prepare our workings file in a way that keeps all the necessary records for a review at a later stage. The transparency in our work not only increases our chances to win over any HMRC enquiry but also builds trust and confidence in clarity of our own work.
    2. We will provide our full support throughout the enquiry.

Value Added Tax

  • VAT returns and online submissions
    1. We will request for information well in advance to prepare your VAT return.
    2. We will phone / email you to remind you of the VAT return and chase for required -information.
    3. We will discuss with you your Sales, Purchases and VAT liability in order to finalise the VAT Return.
    4. Once you approve the VAT return, we will submit it to HMRC electronically under MTD where required.


  • Business plans and financial forecasts
  • Information technology advice and support
  • Business review and business planning
  • Business valuations by third parties
  • Business sales advice and negotiations (including Capital Gains Tax Advice)
  • Assistance in raising finance

Providing Doorstep Accountancy Services

If you prefer our accountants to come and prepare accounts or VAT returns at your business premises, we are happy to provide these services at very competitive rates. We can also set up a thorough book keeping system at your business and provide full support as and when required to ensure its methodical and smooth running. This includes training your book keeper.

All our services include unlimited answers to queries by emails, letters and phone.